Gabi’s Book

Gabi has written many articles for various publications and she recently completed her first book, Own It: Stepping Up to Intentional Living

Every person deals with two competing forces:  A desire to matter and make a difference in the world, and the desire for comfort and freedom from pain.  The two could easily cancel each other out.  Own It is about balancing this tension to maximize each day.

Gabriele weaves together practical wisdom and emotional expertise to provide a potent look at what it means to live more fully by maturely taking ownership of your life.

Own It explores:

  • How our past experiences, present choices, and future goals shape us.
  • How to take responsibility for our contributions in every situation.
  • How to resist the urge to blame, deny, and rationalize our choices
  • How to learn from our mistakes through self-reflection.
  • How to bounce back from a challenge and learn something from it.

An empowered life is possible…as long as you own it.